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Viscometer VT-06 Rion

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Product name: Viscometer
Model: VT-06
Brand: Rion
Measuring Range: No.3 rotor : 0.3 over 13dPa/s; No.1: rotor 3-150dPa/s; No.2 rotor: 100 over 4000dPa/s
Required Sample Volume (ml): No.1 and No.2 rotor: 300 ml; No.3 rotor: 150 mL
Measurement Pricision (%): Of indicated value + / -10
Rotational Speed of Rotor (min-1[rpm]): reproducibility + / -5
Power: 62.5 rpm
Weight: AA alkaline batteries
Dimensions: nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery