Greenough type Stereo Microscope SMZ745 NIKON Order code:517
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Greenough type Stereo Microscope SMZ745 NIKON

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Product name: Greenough type Stereo Microscope
Model: SMZ745
Brand: NIKON
Optical system: Greenough type
Zoom ratio: 7.5 : 1
Zoom range: 0.67 - 5x (with 0.67/1/2/3/4/5x stops)
Total magnification: 3.35 - 300x (Depending on eyepiece and auxiliary objective used)
Tubes: Eyepiece inclination: 45 degree; Interpupilary distance adjustment: 52 - 75 mm
Eyepieces (with diopter adjustment): C-W10xB (F.N. 22), C-W15x (F.N.16), C-W20x(F.N. 12.5), C-W30x (F.N 7)
Auxiliary Objectives: G-AL 0.5x (W.D 211 mm), 0.7x (W.D. 150 mm), 1.5x (W.D. 61 mm), 2x (W.D 43.5 mm), 2x (W.D. 43.5 mm); G-AL ERG 0.77-1.06x (W.D. 102-48 mm)
Working distance: 115 mm (standard)
Airtight construction: JIS Degrees of protection provided by enclosures IPX1