Electrostatic measuring instrument FMX-004 Simco
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Electrostatic measuring instrument FMX-004 Simco

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Product name: Electrostatic measuring instrument
Model: FMX-004
Brand: Simco
Measurement AUTO: 0 - ±1.49 kV
Measurement HI Range: 0 - ±30.0 kV
Measurement LOW Range: 0 - ±3.00 kV
Measurement Ion Balance: 0 - ±300V
Measuring Distance: 1
Power: 9V
Dimensions: 123mm L x 73mm W x 25mm D

1. Features

-   Easy to read, easy to use operations.

-   Lightweight, compact design.

-   Guide lights assure accurate and repeatable measurements.

-   Digital and bar graph display.

-   Automatic power off after five minutes (may be disabled if preferred).

-   Analog output available.

2. Specifications

Model: FMX-004

Display Features

Push button POWER, HOLD, ZERO and MODE

Read Out

Bar graph- red LCD for positive polarity voltage; blue LCD for negative polarity voltage; battery capacity and error display indicators

Measurement Capacity

AUTO: 0 - ±1.49 kV (low range); ±1.0 kV to ±30.0 kV (hi range)
HI Range: 0 - ±30.0 kV
LOW Range: 0 - ±3.00 kV
Ion Balance: 0 - ±300V

Measuring Distance

1" ± 1/64" (25mm ± 0.5mm); LEDs guide for correct distance (between charged object and fieldmeter)


9 V, 6F22Y manganese battery


4 7/8" L x 2 7/8" W x 1" H [123mm L x 73mm W x 25mm D]


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