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1980Best Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in Hsin Chuang.Started to produce electroplated diamond grinding wheels.

1985Started to produce Diamond Dresser, Diamond Compounds, Diamond Files and Diamond Mounted Points etc.Built new plant at Wu Ku Hsiang (near Taipei City)

1986Started producing PCD and PCBN turning tools.Expanding our sales to Japanese market.

1988Built a modern plant in Nan Kang (near CKS Airport)

1989:Started making metal bonded diamond tools

1992Started to produce resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.Started to sale Pneumatic Grinding Machines.

199410-year business plan:

Maintain research and develop strength toward the development of better diamond tools and better CBN tools. Design most suitable generic and customer tailored tools for mould/die lapping and polishing etc. Maintain high product quality while keep prices competitive. Enhance sales service. Became the agent of "Gous" Ultra-sonic lapping machines and GP-series Pneumatic Grinding machine.Purchased new office-warehouse complex to render the prompt service to meet customers' requirement.

1998Add Ceramic Super Stones and Pneumatic Lapping Tools to line of sales.

1999Export worldwide to more than 30 countries.

2000Became Taiwan's important producer and supplier for grinding and lapping tools.