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The Advantec Group, which is in the business of filtration products and scientific equipment, is a general scientific products manufacturer and dealer which has been in business for nearly a century.
The Advantec Group consists of five companies: Advantec Toyo Kaisha, Ltd., Advantec MFS, Inc., Toyo Roshi Kaisha, Ltd., Toyo Seisakusho Kaisha, Ltd., and Advantec Nissei Kaisha, Ltd.
With pride in the combined total capabilities of our group in the manufacture of filtration products, test papers and scientific instruments. This includes the sale of group products, the scientific instruments of other leading manufacturers, and continuously making those products available around the world. We enjoy a high level of trust for our complete systems, ranging from manufacture to sales and construction/installation.
Advantec Toyo, Kaisha, Ltd. is in charge of our sales, not only handles group products but also a wide range of scientific instruments from other leading manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Advantec Nissei Kaisha, Ltd. is in charge of sales and construction/installation of General scientific equipment. By consistent design construction/installation, the company has established a system to meet a variety of needs.
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