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communication adapter LR5091 HIOKI

Price: Contact

General Stationary Surface Probes Type E model

Price: 4,900,000 đ

General Stationary Surface Probes Type K model

Price: 4,900,000 đ

Infrared Laser Guided Thermometer AR550

Price: 950,000 đ

Temperature Measurement FIRT 1600 GEO-Fennel

Price: 11,060,000 đ

Themometer HD-1200E Anritsu

Price: 12,900,000 đ

Handheld Thermometer HD-1400E Anritsu

Price: 12,050,000 đ

Themometer Fluke 62 MAX Fluke

Price: 2,550,000 đ


Price: 3,280,000 đ

High Precision Reference Thermometer LR-Cal LTR

Price: 103,650,000 đ

Thermometter AT-550 APECH

Price: 980,000 đ

Thermometter CENTER 350 Center

Price: 980,000 đ

Thermometers CT-2000D CUSTOM

Price: 2,480,000 đ

Thermometers NM-20TH Nakata

Price: 1,125,000 đ

Máy đo nhiệt độ FT1300-1 GEO-Fennel

Price: 3,690,000 đ

Digital Thermo-Hygrometer AD-5647A AND

Price: Contact

Radiation thermometer IR -308 CUSTOM

Price: 3,010,000 đ

Digital Thermometer 1319A TES

Price: 2,860,000 đ

Grain moisture meter PM-450 Kett

Price: 10,800,000 đ

Infrared thermometer Kiray 50 KIMO

Price: Contact

Hand-held Digital Thermo-hygrometer DFT-700-M

Price: 3,950,000 đ


Price: 6,700,000 đ

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