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Balance AJ-8200E Vibra

Price: 12,820,000 đ

Balance AJ-8200CE Vibra

Price: 15,150,000 đ

Compact Precision Scales V11P30 Ohaus

Price: Contact

Glass drying sources của cân MF-50 AND

Price: 920,000 đ

Tweezers TGCN-14950 VMC

Price: Contact

Analytical balance ext 2 HZF-A VNS

Price: 2,990,000 đ

Scale Digital EK-12Ki AND

Price: 9,120,000 đ

Electronic scale CASTON III CAS

Price: 36,917,000 đ

Electronic Balance CAUW-220D CAS

Price: 75,096,000 đ

Analytical Balance CAUW-220 CAS

Price: 64,150,000 đ

Precision scale HW-100KGV AND

Price: 18,980,000 đ

Precision scale HW-100KGL AND

Price: 17,050,000 đ

Analytical Balance MS204

Price: Contact

Analytical Balance ML204T

Price: Contact


Price: 38,650,000 đ


Price: 41,500,000 đ

Analytical Balance AUW-320 Shimadzu

Price: 42,050,000 đ

Semi-Micro Analytical Balances GH-300 AND

Price: 49,550,000 đ

Analytical Balances AX324 Ohaus

Price: 42,420,000 đ

Analytical balance AUX-220 Shimadzu

Price: 34,050,000 đ

Analytical balance AX200 Shimadzu

Price: Contact

adapter VIBRA V11P15 Vibra

Price: Contact

Digital Scale GS 2001 Vibra

Price: 3,390,000 đ

Digital Scale GS 6001 Vibra

Price: Contact

Low Profile Platform Scale VC203 VMC

Price: 21,500,000 đ

Digital scal GX-6100 AND

Price: 32,350,000 đ

Analytical balance Quintix224-1x Sartorius

Price: 43,250,000 đ

Single weight F1-5kg FUYUE

Price: 4,530,000 đ

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